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Are You Ready For Long Covid? – an online panel discussion presented by Foot Anstey LLP and Liberty CL Recruitment Ltd.

Are You Ready For Long Covid? – an online panel discussion presented by Foot Anstey LLP and Liberty CL Recruitment Ltd.

How can you support an employee with Long Covid?

An online panel discussion hosted by Sarah Peacock, Lisa Wallis and Natalie Painter, employment lawyers from Foot Anstey LLP in partnership with Liberty CL Recruitment Ltd.

Are you ready for Long Covid? This online event will explain why you should care and what you need to know.

It is now estimated that 1.1 million people in the UK are experiencing Long Covid symptoms. So does this make it a disability? How do we know if an employee is suffering from Long Covid and how is it diagnosed? How long will it last and how is it treated? What support is available and what adjustments can be made in the workplace?

Long Covid is becoming more prevalent, yet so little is known about it and the true effect it can have on those suffering from it. Liberty CL Recruitment, in partnership with the Employment Team at Foot Anstey, are delighted to give you this opportunity to learn about Long Covid first hand from those who are suffering with it and to hear from a renowned expert, Dr David Strain.

Join us at 12.30pm on Wednesday 19 May for a panel discussion with a number of people suffering with Long Covid. This will provide a better understanding of what it is and how it can differ in each individual. Following the panel discussion, we’re thrilled to be able to hear from Dr David Strain, who is researching Long Covid as part of his job as senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School. Dr Strain is an expert in this emerging field and has been heavily involved in the Covid-19 response team, playing a leading role in the BMA’s Covid-19 response, participating in the NHS long Covid Taskforce and giving evidence at the All-Party Parliamentary Group Long Covid meetings. We’ll also be providing practical guidance on how you can support employees either suffering from Long Covid or caring for somebody who is suffering and the legal implications involved in that.

This is the opportunity to have your questions answered.

If you would like to attend this FREE virtual event, please contact the Liberty CL Recruitment team on 023 9387 6666 for your joining instructions now or visit the Liberty CL Recruitment Events page for more details (