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Compassion in Leadership – with Andrew McNeill

Compassion in Leadership – with Andrew McNeill

Following on from our hugely successful HR Leaders Forum with the brilliant Carrie Birmingham, Liberty CL Recruitment is delighted to be hosting the next in our series of these popular on-line events.

A leader’s capacity to be kind to themselves and others can be a game changer. It can transform their leadership and the engagement of their team. These skills may never have been in greater demand than they are now.

In this talk Andrew McNeill (Director, Lines of Sight Consultancy Ltd) will explore the idea of kindness, why it is not a soft option and how it can transform the impact of a leader and the effectiveness of their team.

Andrew has enjoyed a 25 year leadership career during which he has held a number of high pressure roles including the establishment of the Building Safety Programme following the Grenfell Fire, Change Director for Ministry of Justice and Lead for the UK Government for the Olympic & Paralympic Torches in 2012 among others. Andrew has found compassion and the ability to show himself and those around him kindness to be incredibly useful, improving performance and helping to managing stress in high intensity environments.

In 2018 Andrew published his book  Organisational Mindfulness a how to guide and is now a leadership and mindfulness consultant and leads the Mindful Workplace Community, an international network of mindfulness champions and trainers.

As well as being passionate about his work and the possibilities we all have to transform our workplace, Andrew is a married father of two adult children. He is above all grateful that after a year of living in the same house – with very few opportunities to go out – all four members of his family remain on speaking terms. Andrew was recently asked by a participant in a training programme, ‘As you clearly have such a balanced life because of all the mindfulness, do you have a guilty pleasure?’ to which Andrew happily replied ‘Yes, Netflix’. He can now, apparently, add Disney+ to this answer!

As always, this session will take place from 12.30 pm and will last for a little over one hour, plus there will be time for questions.

Of course, it’s another not-to-be-missed session and so booking early is essential. Please call the Liberty CL Recruitment team on 023 9387 6666 or email us via to grab yourself a place!