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Here at Liberty CL Recruitment we appreciate that your future career is of the greatest consequence, so we promise that we will treat it with the care it deserves. Everything we do is focused on helping you reach your career goals by matching you to your perfect role. We work collaboratively and you can always speak to someone to keep the momentum going on your assignment. So just give us a call, and expect a first class service!


With a level of commitment that is second to none in the sector, you can expect the Liberty CL Recruitment team to use its sound judgement, extensive knowledge and integrity to ensure that the our candidates identify with your business objectives; meet your criteria; and fit with your business culture. So look no further for your preferred recruitment business partner!

We know that everyone brings a fresh perspective and set of skills to a team and gaining a deeper understanding of how people tick can reduce conflict and foster acceptance. So here at Liberty CL Recruitment, we also offer a unique Personality Profiling service if your organisation would find it useful. This process starts with helping candidates to gain a raised consciousness of how they think and behave in the workplace. We recognise that understanding the core parts of an individual team members’ personality – whilst learning to accept the differences in others – can help get the best out of a team.

So look no further for your preferred recruitment business partner, just give Liberty CL Recruitment a call to find out more!


“So, won’t you come with me;
I’ll take you to a land of liberty
Where we can live…And be free.”

Bob Marley – ‘400 years’