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What’s Our Recipe?

What’s Our Recipe?

As most of you know, I left my previous role in June 2019 and set up a business in September 2019. Since then, I have increasingly recognised that recruitment can be done very well and very badly and all levels in between. I set up Liberty CL Recruitment to make sure that there was a genuine, authentic and approachable HR Recruitment offering out there. Over the last 3 months it has been shown that people really want such a service. People are screaming out to be treated well, to be responded to, to be treated like a human!

Here at Liberty CL we have all worked in HR/L&D and recruitment so we understand what a good Recruiter looks like.

As most of our clients know, we don’t tend to make sales calls. We are contacted by choice to work with an HR professional to find someone for their team. People also call us to bounce ideas – such as what their perfect HR structure could look like. We love to provide potential solutions and we work to gain results. We love the fact that HR leaders trust us enough to discuss their concerns, plans and ultimate vision. It really is quite humbling.

People call us because they have worked with us in the past as either a candidate or a client. A client may call us as they have experienced how we treated them as a candidate and they know that we will therefore represent them and their business well. They understand that we will be a true business partner, an ambassador, letting the candidates know that this company truly values the process and experience they will be gaining as they have hired a personal recruitment agency to treat their potential employees with respect, dignity and with honest feedback.

That works both ways too. We have turned down work when we do not feel that we can represent the company, that we cannot put candidates forward as the role/business does not hold the same values we hold.

We meet our clients to gain knowledge on their company, the role and the team. We like to find out about the DNA and the culture of the business.

On the other end of the spectrum we like to meet all of our candidates. Find out what their experiences are, what they are looking for and what a fantastic role would look like for them!

What is our DNA?

Here at Liberty CL Recruitment, we are an independent, specialist, boutique recruitment consultancy based on the South Coast and we only work with HR, L&D and Talent roles. We take pride in our personal touch and endeavour to act with kindness, integrity and sincerity at all times.

This is how we act inside the business too. Personally I like to lead rather than manage, to ensure that I am here to support the team, to enable them to learn from us all, to make mistakes, take risks, make decisions, love the role and our business and want to develop.

Management I believe is a thing of the past – Leadership is the future! ?

Why would I want to make people work to KPI’s? Providing them with just one direction? To make sales calls that are soul destroying? People want to come to work, be authentic, enjoy their job and go home feeling satisfied believing that they have truly had a great day and made an impact.

As people, we also want to make sure that we lift each other up, support and provide a safe place to work and very importantly, to have fun!

Talking to people who want a new role or talking to someone who wants to gain a new team member will provide this value.

We like to mentor, to help the HR Community we have HR Forums, CV workshops, we play an active part in local and national CIPD work. We also support other areas of society – homeless, domestic abuse charities, young entrepreneurs.

Fortunately, we have an HR network so when we take on a role we don’t just simply search job boards, we actually call people who aren’t always on the open market. As we all know in HR, having our CV’s out there in the ether can be quite risky.

We always listen, listen, listen – to what our clients and candidates want.

We never hound anyone with stupid calls – we recognise people are busy.

We don’t just send CVs out to make up numbers – this demoralises the candidate (“Why wasn’t I even selected for an interview?”) and wastes the client’s time. They enlisted our help to actually save them time. As we all know it only takes one CV, that one person – ‘every pot has a lid’.

So in a nutshell, if you want to work with a team who will treat you as a person and not a number, either to recruit someone to your team or secure that dream new role, then please get in touch. Here at Liberty CL we would love to be your HR recruitment business partner for life!

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